Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Joy to the world

On the bus into town today I had the misfortune to be seated in front of Moany McMoanason. I don't know what it is, but hearing a student complain bitterly about their computer imploding brought out the better side of my humanity.

A verbal paragraph in and I already wanted to find the nearest starving Ethiopian children and enlist them to help me set up a fund-raising concert to buy the girl a new computer.

Later in the day I was threatened at gunpoint by birthday boy Vonje to go into Nandos. Seething hordes of mass prepubescence greeted us. Vonje also noticed that the staff looked like they had been hand-picked by Adolph Hitler and may not have fitted in with Nandos ethnicity.

Being a suicidal happy blogger I will end this chapter with some good news. The protracted house move that was in its infancy when Alexander Bell was prank calling Florence Nightingale is finally going to go through this Friday.

My work situation is also due to improve in the New Year. Oh and Christmas is 10 days away. All together now everyone! "IN THE BLEAK MIDWIN..."

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