Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ginger and bitter

Off the top of your head you might think the title refers to this..

If I said it was a Premiership manager though you'd naturally think I mean him..

It may come as a surprise then that it refers to this man..

David Moyes the Everton manager. Despite the title, I'm going to tell you what a great man and manager he is.

1) He runs the club on a shoestring and runs it well.
2) He's not one of Alex Ferguson's lovechildren. (Good enough on its own..)
3) He's a bastard. Always with an angry expression on his face, he doesn't feign friendliness with fellow managers he'd happily relegate in a moment.
4) He's honest. This evening he had no qualms in saying outright that his team had a dodgy decision given in their favour. No attempt at justifying it.

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