Monday, 26 December 2011

Mistletoe and wine.

No more elbow-barging citizens. Women with prams giving way to other pedestrians. Peace and goodwill. Yes, it can only mean one thing - Christmas is over.

After the grimly predictable shambles at Sainsbury's on Christmas Eve I was dreading the worst for December 25th. By "shambles" I mean a reluctance from the manager to enforce the 6o'clock closing time, and leaving inadequately trained people to close part of the department.

All this meant I left over 10 minutes late and with not a word of thanks. Closer to disgruntlement that I hadn't stayed even longer. To coin the words of a very eloquent fellow blogger, they were "cunts".

Not even I, "Mr. Grumpy", "You miserable old git", "You are an old man." can stay sour for Chrimbo though! It was a lovely day. I had fun watching the legendary "Princess and the Pirate"

"What did he die of?" "NON-payment of rent!" The greatest line of dialogue since Eric Sykes epitaph: "Told you I was ill.."

Jemma came around in the evening and we played a 21st century version of the board game Cluedo. My sister is part sorceress so my hopes of winning were short to start with. Jemma then decided to base her strategy around 1 sole aim: Making sure at all costs I didn't win. I'm sure that comes under cruelty at Christmas time.

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