Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mamma Mia!

Sadly I'm not blogging about an Italian holiday. And NO, I'm not blogging about having just eaten spaghetti bolognese either! It hasn't come to that just yet.

Ahead of pizza, pasta and the Mafia, Italy's chief export has brought pleasure to many.
Fast, dangerous and responsible for many acts of violence and of a disturbing behaviour, I am of course talking about Super Mario..

The graphics on the N64 pale in comparison to the WII, but Mario Kart 64 lacks none of its potency. Inaudible verbal outbursts and spasms of Tourrette's are no less, nor is the tendency to lose track of time and sanity while speeding around hairpin bends.

The much awaited Goldeneye is somewhere in the myriads of undelivered post this Xmas. It quietly bides its time dormant, safe in the knowledge one day soon it will come into the open. It wants to be found..

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