Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Do you believe in extraterrestrials?

The question Agent Mulder facetiously asks Scully in the pilot episode.

I will be very gradually working my way through all 9 series of the tremendous X Files, and on the odd occasion will spout off my small thinkings of what I have seen.

Tonight I have been watching on with curiosity and amusement as a strangely nervy Gillian Anderson meets super smug Double D for the first time.

Well, she's nervy for the early stages until Duchovny starts on the first of his many seemingly outrageous claims that relate to extraordinary reasons for unexplained events.

The plot follows investigations into the death of a young girl with puncture-like wounds in her back. (Please no jokes about Amy Winehouse) It is a great advert for treating handicapped people well. We also see the sinister "cigarette-smoking man" for the first time.

Having watched various episodes in later series, what strikes me the most as well as the young-looking appearance of the 2 stars, is the way the show started out feeling its way into the hearts and minds of its many fans.

There is a primitive feel to some of the effects and also to Mulder and Scully's dialogue that is developed and evolves throughout the course of the show. It looks like a made-for-TV film, which is understandable given the need of Mr. Carter et al to impress the audience immediately.

And impress us they did.

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