Sunday, 28 November 2010

If Carlsberg did F.A. Cup ties

Arsenal welcome Dirty Leeds to the Emirates for a 3rd round F.A. Cup tie. I had long been craving an Arsenal/Leeds or Arsenal/Southampton tie in either the Carling or F.A. Cup but fate had not been on my side.

That all changed today as the 2 teams got drawn together in a rematch of the 1972 Cup Final and the 1993 cup tie when Arsenal came back from 2-0 down at Highbury to force a replay at Elland Road which they won 3-2.

The reason for my excitement is that Mr. Kitson supports Dirty Leeds. For the record I am not overconfident or arrogant about Arsenal's chances of victory. Arsenal and Dirty Leeds have been even in recent years in getting one over each other. Also they are a very big team that will bring a big following to Castle Emirates.

Added to this is our current spacktitude at home. Leeds fans will think they would have a greater chance of winning at Elland Road. In the last 2 months our form suggests the opposite. If we don't steam roll Leeds in the first half hour or so I predict a difficult and very entertaining game.

I heard as well the F.A. have organized an Allstar game between the 2 teams of best players from Manchester (Surrey relocated) and Liverpool penitentaries. Its a good rehabilitation scheme for both sets of men and should help integrate them back into society.


Sean said...

As a Leeds fan, I actually think we have a better chance of winning at your place. It'll be a fucking disgrace (to quote Drogba), if it isn't televised.

goatman-g said...

Yes, though they'll probably end up showing spurs against Charlton instead.