Thursday, 24 December 2009

Bread is the new popcorn..

This evening I went to see 'Avatar' at the cinema. While I was queueing up I couldn't help but notice a woman in front of me with a loaf of bread under her arm.

Now I know its the credit crunch and times are tight, but I have to appeal to people's better nature and ask that they cease selling groceries while innocent film enthusiasts such as myself are enjoying a trip to the 'pictures'. Its most off-putting hearing the man, woman or child in the seat next to you asking for a refund because their apple is mouldy.

Finally I'm signing up to the Fleet Street's journalists campaign to get as many Arsenal players banned as possible. I'm appalled that Samir Nasri was not suspended for his stamp on Richard Garcia of Hull and have had enough. Well done to Nicholas Barmby for taking action and slapping him in the face. I shall be writing to my M.P. to ensure that action is taken to put an end to such thuggery.

Here's to a Merry Xmas one and all, and to me buying presents and not having to return them because someone else has already bought them.


Sean said...

To be fair, Avatar is a very long film, so a loaf of bread is justified.

goatman-g said...

I'm just bitter she didn't offer me any.