Monday, 9 March 2009

'That's what its about!!'

These were the words our 7-aside football team heard from one of the teams playing before us tonight. They also summed up our feelings after our game against 'Manvers'. They are bottom of the league, but on the way to the pitch in Radstock we discovered one of our players had dropped out so we would only have 6.

We started well enough going 1-0 up early on in the first half. The tide began to turn though as the referee had a funny five minutes and decided to disallow a legitimate goal that I had assisted and allowing a bloody dodgy one for Manvers shortly afterwards. We soon found ourselves 2-1 down. After doggedly fighting back to 2-2 Manvers took the lead again. We exchanged another goal each, and then they took the lead again.

By the time they were 4-3 up the swears that were flowing from my mouth in the general direction of the ref would have made Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole blush. Then came my moment of glory! The ref, perhaps trying to make amends for his previous shocking decisions awarded us a penalty. I was the closest to the play and thus barged our striker off the ball and stepped up to take the spot-kick.

Normally like most English men I am nervous taking penalties in competitive games. Still being heavily pumped up on ire and adrenalin though I strode up confidently, gave the keeper the eyes and smashed the penalty in the opposite corner 4-4!

We started dominating attacking possession soon after, but without much joy. That was until 3 minutes or so before the end. Two of our players were on the attack, and I yelled at one of our lads to join him. He heeded my words and was on hand to finish off the move with a goal 5-4!! We all went ballistic and almost conceded an equalizer. I happened to have the ball when the ref told one of the lads we had half a minute left. I did what any decent skillful football player does and headed for the corner flag/spot! This partly helped see out time and we achieved a heroic victory despite playing the whole game with a man less. Happy Days!

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