Sunday, 15 March 2009

ManU - best team in the world - HAHAHAHA!!!

It has been a cheerful weekend for a number of reasons. Sporting glee aside, Mr. Watkins and I join Mr. K for a delayed celebration of his birthdate. The madness started at 'Jafflongs', an Indian restaurant near the city centre. As we were making pleasant conversation and minding our own beeswax, we were audibly violated from a nearby table.

What appeared to be a selection of the most annoyingly bloated and self-ejaculating young people decided to increase the volume of their inane verbal flatulence to a level that made it impossible for the three of us to not hear every single word. It didn't help matters that their topic of conversation took a racist turn at one point, causing one of the waiters to menacingly brandish a napkin..Despite this we ate like kings (well at least the sort of royalty that eats Indian).

Then we went back to Mr. K's for a tankard of cider, and had a very civilized discussion. Something our neighbouring restauranteers would do well to learn from.

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