Thursday, 26 February 2009

I am a ciderrr drinker!

Yesterday Mr. Smith and I ambitiously attempted to visit 3 cider farms - Westons, Thatchers and Sheppys. We started off just after 10 with Mr. Smith racing up the motorway towards Hereford where Westons is a short distance from. An hour and a half later we arrived and had a very nice meal in their restaurant.
We were impressed with the setup which had something for all the family and a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

After eating and then picking up a few bottles from their shop we hit the road again, this time heading south towards Sandford where we hoped to find Thatchers from a sparsely detailed Google map. I had been entrusted with the job of navigation, and it was Thatchers that was the most difficult to find. Two wrong turns and some frantic swears later we pulled in to Thatchers carpark. The main building was a small warehouse filled with a big supply of their products. It was the shortest of our stops.

Mr. Smith and I then rejoined the motorway and made our merry way speedily to the legenday Sheppys Cider Farm, just outside of Taunton. With Mr. Smith making good time, we arrived at Sheppys before 5 o'clock. Sadly the tea room that we enjoyed on a previous visit was shut for the day. This didn't take away from the pleasure it always is to spend a good half an hour narrowing down the many choices that the well-stocked Sheppys shop has.

As we were eyeing up the new cider bottle that had recently been released, two soldiers strode into the shop to stock up on some SouthWest 'courage'. I was amused to hear one of them mutter to the shopkeeper that the Sheppys t-shirt was their unit's uniform. I pictured our brave soldiers in some distant corner of the world charging over some hill as their enemies, filled with fear, see their terrifying opponents with a cider barrel on an old cart emblazened on their chests. It made me proud. It was a very good day, and I was pleased that we squeezed in all three cider farms. Though if we repeated the trip we would most likely give Thatchers a miss as it had very little to see or do.

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