Monday, 12 August 2013

Compulsive Viewing

Saturday night I joined Mr. Kitson and Watkins for what I thought would be Sheppy's and dinner at Kitson's residence (not for much longer).

Shortly after I arrived Watkins abducted us (think alien abduction, not janitor/schoolchild) and whisked us away to his house in the country. Châteaux Watkins is a bit like Narnia - there are always BBQs and its never Christmas.

That's not strictly true. Saturday we didn't have a BBQ. We ordered an Indian takeaway from somewhere near Mr. Kitson's home-to-be.

It seems he's already made a big impression in the area. A polite waiter informed us our orders would be ready in 20 minutes. Mr. Kitson gave him a steely glare and 5 minutes later our curries were passed to us in a servantile manner.

Its not in my nature to throw around baseless accusations like "Mafia" at trusted friends, but I did hear the waiter muttering "Its an honour Professor Chaos." as we walked out.

After eating our takeaways and sampling some delights from Mr. Watkins' bakery, we watched 'Extreme OCD Camp'.

I don't usually have time for reality television as it seems to be a cross between exploitation and an unhealthy obsession for fame.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Camp had its share of unhealthy obsession, but instead of Simon Cowelling humans for money, the programme made you understand OCD a little better and root for the people in the show as they fought against the bizarre habits they didn't seem able to control.

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