Thursday, 7 June 2012

Birthday Boy! Part 1

What a birthday! So much has happened that I shall split my exploits into sections. 'Oooh - how organised Goatman!'

1. The Mystery Tour.

Miss Goatman sprung a surprise on me when she whisked me away in the early hours of Wednesday morning to a faraway place. We arrived in London, had a lovely McDonalds breakfast and then Jemma led me to our destination..

The Emirates Stadium! My better half didn't do things in halves either. She had arranged a Legends Tour for me with none other than cheeky chappy and the original 'King of Highbury' - Charlie George.

Everyone who knows Arsenal knows Charlie George. Scorer of the winning goal in the 1971 F.A. Cup Final against a team I can't think of at the moment...

Oh wait a minute I remember!

I enjoyed seeing inside the director's box and the changing rooms, but after walking around on a warm day I needed a sit down as I was starting to feel "stuck in the middle Djourou..."

A great day despite missing our coach home and having to evade a terrorist attack. This consisted of the criminal feigning drunken unconsciousness and holding up at least 3 terminals at Victoria Coach Station.

I'll never forget meeting Charlie. Still the main man - sign him up Arsene!

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