Saturday, 31 December 2011

Paul Robinson shits himself..

..With the news that Thierry Henry returns to Arsenal. Also the Twitchometre in another corner of North London is ever increasing. So much so that I've linked up a specially devised Twitch radar to this blog. *Twitch*

The fans in the picture above could easily be mistaken for Stoke fans. They are in fact all the Tottenham supporters in England crammed into one stand. Who knew they were so photogenic? *Twitch twitch*

It just so happens that his 2nd d├ębut could be against Leeds next Monday. Anticlimactic and irrelevant as he hardly ever scored against Leeds...

Obviously no one knows how the 2 month loan will go, and Thierry as well as the club will need more than just fan euphoria to do the business. Happily we are the Arsenal though and the last time Spurs finished above Arsenal John Major was wiping Curry stains off his trousers. *Twitch twitch! twitch..*

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