Saturday, 31 December 2011

The last blog of the year

I've planned this blog to be inspirational, sentimental, moving and hard-hitting. After many random musings I thought I'd end the year on an intellectual high.

And then I thought sod it. When this happens the blog almost writes itself..

That leaves me with the pleasant task of wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Drink safely, especially if you're celebrating your birthday and are over the pensioning age. Yes, don't have that extra glass of red just to numb the disappointment of the day.

And to those of you who've had a trying 2011, don't give up hope. There's always 2-3 reasons to be happy.


Sean said...

2 days in, no blog. Remember your target - 19 blogs a month for the whole of 2012 - you proved in December you can do it!

Jemma1908 said...

I agree with Sean - where the hell's the latest goings-on!