Monday, 21 November 2011

Climbing a Mountain to get to the Road

Long week full of packing, cleaning and very little sleep. Oh and work as well.
Said goodbye to Lower Weston on Friday and hello to Southdown.

It has taken a little while to sort out exactly where the hell all my belongings are. You'll be glad to know that apart from the vital things, most of them are with me. Not sure where the world would be without removal men.

Its a common theme on this blog, but I can't help but mention again how vile some shoppers in town are. This is in no way indicative of all middle-aged women, but...

Exhibit A: My friend Vonje and I walked down the street leaving enough room for other pedestrians. Person of the afore-mentioned gender and age group veered from her original line of walking straight into a shocked Vonje forcing him to promptly move out of the way.

Exhibit B: In BHS I was waiting at the Customer Service till. A female member of staff called the till boy over. As she was doing so yet another bloody woman tried to move around me to get to the till first. Fortunately for me and the reputation of 'mature' women everywhere the decent BHS lady told the lad I was first in line.

Brownie points to the BHS lady and a generous helping of hepatitis to the 2 selfish cows.

I also made a deal with Satan Rupert Murdoch in signing up to Sky for a month.

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Sean said...

The Murdoch empire, and it's wanking over the Manchester Franchise, will only end when people stop subscribing to it. Find an alternative asap.