Sunday, 16 May 2010

All's fair in love and bomberman.

Its been a long week, but in the end a rather good one. I was not in the best of health at the beginning of the week, so was a little down about receiving texts in successive days asking if I could cover some shifts at the gym as one of our trainers was ill. Despite my invalidity I heroically completed both shifts.

My weekend became good from Friday night onwards. Jemma's company and the omega oils of salmon made me happy, banishing the smell of twats at work. Saturday was good - we had a Starbucks before work which made me wake up, and then I worked taking payments for petrol. In this you could say I was a lesser form of Tony Blair. Except that the only lesser form than him is ectoplasm.

One comment a fellow petrol person said made me laugh. He told us how in going up to buy tickets for 'Robin Hood' he had said, without a trace of irony, "One ticket for Gladiator please.".

In the evening Watkins and Mr. K came and rescued me from madness with even more madness. Edward and the 3 of us bought all of 1 crate of Mountain Dew. *Silently mutters* "50 green bottles hangi.." After successfully working Mr. K's oven we ate pizza, drank Sheppy's and Dew and played Bomberman.

Mr. Watkins and I made a pact before the evening to do all in our power to stop Mr. K's 'reign of terror'. Watkins valiantly fell on his sword to let me win. It was a good evening though regardless. Memories of screams in previous rooms in a previous time all came flooding back. Oh the nostalgia..

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