Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A summer's day.

Mr. Kitson and I had been planning a trip to the 'Sheppy's Cider Farm' for many a year. Mr. Watkins generously offered to chauffeur us there on Saturday. At about lunchtime I joined Watkins and Kitson for what we believed would be a lovely day trip. We made one short detour en route.

It all went well till we joined the M5, then the trouble started.

We heard on the radio that some idiot had crashed further up the motorway and as a result the traffic on junction 24 was backed up all the way to somewhere south of Land's End. Whereas Watkins and I kept up good spirits, we were concerned about Mr. Kitson's health. The connection on his state of the art walkie-talkie disappeared and he left the car to stare down the crowded motorway with a murderous glint in his eye. The heat-spawned madness was contagious as we witnessed various bizarre forms of people coping with the hold-up.
Eventually we left the motorway and headed home as Sheppy's would have closed by the time we got there. Back in Bath we met with Tim and went to 'the George' pub. Tim and Kitson got drunk on whisky and cider, and made rude words by erasing letters on the menu blackboard. Watkins and I had our dignity preserved as our table was in a quiet corner of the pub. Despite a disappointing day and 2 drunken louts, the trip to 'the George' was an enjoyable end to the proceedings.


Sean said...

LIAR! I was not drunk. You were the one swigging from a bottle in the back of Watkins' car!

You will be hearing from my lawyers.

happy birthday by the way

goatmang said...

Protesting too much me thinks..

Oh, and thank-you for the b'day greeting.