Sunday, 2 November 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. W

Last night I joined Mr. Watkins and Kitson on a trip to outer Bristol to celebrate Watkins' coming of age. We started our evening at Longwell Greens Nandos.

Watkins' evening temporarily experienced a blip when the birthday balloons he desired were to fall into the hands of some young children. Then Watkins drove us to Longwell Greens rival cinema 'Showcase'. After making various journeys to find a cashpoint, we watched 'Ghost town' which starred the loveable Ricky Gervais.

He plays an Englishman in New York who isn't so much an alien, but someone who can see and speak to dead people.

This results in chaos as a crowd of dead people with unfinished business are constantly harrassing Gervais. The dead range from builders to a random naked guy who appears at inopportune moments. 'Ghost town' is a consumate mix of Gervais' comedy style with a romantic heartfelt angle that would appeal to the female audience. It was also a good way to end the evening, which saw the bicentennial appearance of Mr. Watkins.

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