Tuesday, 12 August 2008

One wild weekend..

Last week saw me swap the cosey suburbs of Bath for the industrial cauldron that is Londinium, our nation's capital. The purpose of my visit? A pilgrimage to the amphitheatre of football that is Arsenal's 'Emirates Stadium'.

I was accompanied by a close friend who I shall refer to with anonymity. I shall call him 'Agent Smith'. We left Bath at the early hour of 8:30am Greenwich Mean Time. Having trained and then tubed our way into the heart of London we then dined at the Islington branch of Nandos. We entered the stadium to be greeted by staff in suits which seemed like a nice touch. I didn't want to be recognized, but obviously the club caught wind of my arrival.

The Emirates' Cup is an annual competition that involves 2 matches on each day. The first game we watched involved Germany's Hamburg and Italy's Juventus.

This ended in a deserved 3-0 win for Hamburg. Then came the moment we had been waiting for..Arsenal v the World famous Real Madrid. The only goal of the game came as a result of a penalty. Madrid's Michel Salgado blatantly shoving over Robin Van Persie in the penalty area.

Which Emmanuel Adebayor scored.

That night we squeezed into TGI's at Leicester Square and feasted on cocktails.
The next day Agent Smith and I journeyed to the Sheppy's Cider farm just outside Taunton and continued our beverage consumption with some of their renowned ciders. We also stock-piled for the winter...


Sean said...

we're in British Summer Time now.

Sean said...

Obviously your blog is living without BST too (note the time ot this comment).

It's people like you who cause kids to have to walk home from school in the dark!