Monday, 30 September 2013

The Rules of the Game.

For those of you hoping to glean invaluable tips from a seasoned Pick-up Artist stop reading now. I am no Casanova and this is not a Shagger's Guide.

By game of course I mean football - the beautiful game.

Football abides by many different rules. Some simple, some not. For every "Each team must only have 11 men on the pitch at once" there is an "Offside is when a player is active and beyond the last defender as the ball is played."

There is one rule that is both simple and bemusing at the same time. This rule states that Arsenal, Leeds United and Bath City football clubs are to be incapable of winning on the same footballing weekend. This goes back to the very inception of the game, and all the greats at the 3 clubs were well aware of this stipulation and abided by it.

Billy Bremner and Don Revie find out Bath City have a virtual bye against Dover and Arsenal are playing Crystal Palace that afternoon.

Arsenal legend and literal munitions expert Osama Bin Laden went as far as planning a terrorist attack on Twerton Park and Elland Road to put an end to "The Rule".

A rumour yet to be substantiated is that the delay in the CIA finding and killing Bin Laden was due to Rupert Murdoch's request that he be allowed to total Leeds United's ground first.

Bath City's Jim Rollo with a more pragmatic way of dealing with his fate.

No matter what rung of the football ladder players and managers at these clubs find themselves on, all of them are indelibly tied to the Rules of the Game.

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