Thursday, 19 January 2012


Yesterday I went swimming at the Sports Centre. Due to repair work the changing rooms had been er..changed! For one day only the men's became the women's and vice versa.

What this meant was the faint smell of cosmetic products greeting my nostrils rather than the usual aroma of piss. Also the women's showers are segregated so the awkward genital avoidance ritual was not needed.

After my last swim my eyes almost popped out due to the water pressure. To reduce the bloodshot nature of my pupils I bought some goggles. They were some mighty fine goggles.

After getting over the horror of spotting a plaster on the pool floor I enjoyed the improved vision they gave me. I'm normally a bit macho with other man swimmers, but there was someone in my lane whose flip turns were so good that I forgave his barging across my water.

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