Monday, 11 July 2011

I'm still alive

Realised I'm behind last years rate of blogs. I will fix this. This fixing may speed up after the transfer window has shut however.

This last week has been quite active for Goatman. On Monday I had the lovely company of Jemma. She was very dignified over the fact that I had to leave her in the early hours of Tuesday to go to the beach with Watkins and Mr. Kitson.

We travelled to the far land of Swanage (not Swansea) where strange and wonderful animals (crabs) live in the sea, and many people come from far and wide to exchange their wares for gold. In our case it was the other way round. Gold (pennies) was exchanged for camper vans and lollipops.

After gambling we went fishing. No strange and wonderful animals (crabs) were caught, but it was a new and fun way to spend some of our trip.

We were also lucky that the old person who was next to Watkins when he didn't insult the aged and the foreign-looking woman who was nearby on 2 separate occasions when totally innocent comments were made about her origins didn't get angry when they had absolutely no reason to.

Wednesday was another early start. Goatman and his family travelled to North Wales to climb a mountain. We managed to get to the top of Snowdon despite there being cloud everywhere so we couldn't see where we were going.

It was a long day, but everyone was glad they beat off fatigue and the threat of landslides, frostbite and horny sheep to climb to the summit.

More to follow the next time I look at the blog count for 2011

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Sean said...

Are you still alive? BLOG BLOG BLOG.