Thursday, 19 August 2010

Birthday babe

It has been the Misses' birthday this week. The party started on Monday night with yours truly showing up for his annual night out on the town. After having a brief drink at Weatherspoons we went up to the Slug & Lettuce where the drinks started to flow and before long Wurzel songs were being warbled loud enough for the whole bar to hear.

Our last stop was Blue Rooms. Having put on my 'dancing shoes' while in the club, it was a tired Simon that piggy-backed a wounded Jemma down Milsom Street.

Today was Jemma's actual birthday.

We went to @Bristol, had a look around..

ate some nice food..

made some new friends..

and watched the world go by.

Simon Says finishes today by wishing Jemma with a J a very happy birthday and saying "boooo!!" to gift shop name bookmarks that leave out her name.

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