Monday, 28 June 2010

And the bonus ball is..!

I had a lovely weekend with my family and a beautiful time with the gorgeous Jemma on Sunday evening. We watched the ever brilliant 'Aliens in America'. It was also great to be proud of our nation's sporting legends. Well done to the England cricket team.

Sadly I cannot avoid talking about the Dirty Dozen (I include Peter Crouch cause he's shit). The most concerning thing about the England football teams abject capitulation to the Germans wasn't the scoreline, or even the performance. It was Mr. Watkins' prognostication the night before the match on his canal boat. He didn't only gleefully predict the correct winners and losers, but he also nailed the scoreline too. "4-1" he mockingly uttered into Mr. K's face.

I may yet join the hordes of people trying to get Mr. Watkins to fill in their lottery numbers.

Just before all you England fans start whipping our the Castlemaine and razor blades here is a reason to be cheerful and full of optimism:

Have you experienced an accident at Work or are worried that England will never have a football team that plays better then the 11 puke-filled yobs that turn up for your local every Sunday? Jack Wilshere - If Carlsberg did world class players..

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