Monday, 17 August 2009

No football just cake, apple and pitta.

It has been a pulsating weekend. Friday kicked it all off with a stay at a plush 4* Hotel.

This morning Mr. Kitson, Watkins and I set off for Sheppy's Cider Farm take 2.

As is widely known, our last trip was a failure due to some selfish moron crashing his car on the motorway.

I was concerned that there would be some epic road pile-up that would deny us this time, but the only event of note on the motorway was a caravan who, from behind, looked a little on the extraterrestrial side..

Barely 5 minutes after we arrived, Mr. Kitson proved that you just can't take him anywhere by ignoring a simple instruction from Sheppy's.

This led to some strange behaviour from the rebel Kitson

And he didn't respond well when I wisely informed him he'd had enough cider for one day..

But it all ended happily when Watkins sagely coaxed Mr. Kitson inside for some cake and a nice hot drink.

And we finished off the day in style, dining at Mr. Watkins' favourite restaurant.

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